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Noam Kortler


Noam Kortler: PADI Master Instructor, Underwater Photographer and Videographer.

Born the 20/01/1976 in Netanya, Israel, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Since he can remember, Noam has always spent hours in the sea - surfing and free diving, in love with the underwater world.

In 1996, Noam moved to Eilat in the Red Sea, the southern part of Israel, where he started working as a diving instructor and first tried underwater photography.

In 2004, Noam opened his own small dive center, Nemo Divers, and also started taking underwater photography more seriously with his Nikonos V.

In 2006, Noam bought his first Professional DSLR Nikon D2X with SEACAM Housing. In that year Noam won his first of many international photo competitions around the world, including the Festival Mondial de l'image sous marine in Antibes in 2007 and 2013, and Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London in 2008. A list of Noam's awards can be seen HERE.

Today Noam still teaches diving in Eilat, conducts underwater photography workshops and leads dive trips to the top diving destinations in the world together with WildDive Israel.

“I am happy to use Mares equipment as it gives me comprehensive solutions for different diving activities and the different environments I dive in - cold water, tropical, tec diving and even freediving.”