Manu San Felix

Manu San Felix



Manu San Felix has spent more than 30 years dedicated to the sea, its study and observation.

He graduated in biology and has worked for years as a marine biologist, investigator and professional underwater photographer.

As a marine biologist, he stands out for his UNESCO report about Posidonia Meadows in Ses Salines Natural Park (1999), the first World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO in the Mediterranean Sea.

He started scuba diving in 1981 and is currently a PADI and SSI Master Instructor with more than 15 specialities (Deep Diving, TDI Rebreather…) and more than 12,000 dives around the world (Spain, Bahamas, Indonesia, Seychelles, Canada…).

He has been a professional Photographer since 1988, publishing pictures in the international edition of National Geographic and in El Pais. He has also produced four books.

He is the first photographer to win two of the most prestigious underwater photography awards:

• Wildlife Photographer of the Year (London, 2004)
• World Underwater Festival (Antibes, 2005)

In April 2015 he started working as a National Geographic Creative.Since February 2009 he has been working for National Geographic (Washington DC) as an Underwater Image Director for the Pristine Seas project.

He has been on many expeditions for National Geographic and has helped with numerous documentaries, some of which he directed.


• February 2009 – Farquhar, Seychelles.
• March and May 2009 - Southern Line islands, Kiribati Republic. Expedition Dive Leader and Underwater Photographer for the documentary ‘Shark Eden’.
• September 2009 - Coco Island, Costa Rica. Documentary director and Expedition Dive Leader for the documentary ‘Shark Island’.
• February 2011 - Pascua Island and Sala Island, Chile. Underwater Cinematography Director for the documentary ‘Lost Sharks of Eastern Island’.
• March 2012 - Pitcairn Island, UK. Underwater Cinematography Director for ‘The Real Bounty’.
• July to September 2013 - The North Pole and Franz Josef Land, Russia. Underwater Cinematography Director.
• April 2014 – Mozambique. Underwater Cinematography Director and DP.
• September 2014 - Palau. Underwater Cinematography Director and DP.
• March 2015 - Remote atolls of the Seychelles. Underwater Cinematography Director & DP.
• July and August 2015 - Ice expedition to Navy Board Inlet, Canada. Underwater Cinematography Director & DP.
• March 2016 - Clipperton Island, France.
• April 2016 – Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico.
• September 2016 - Niue Island, Niue.
• February 2017 - Cape Horn, Patagonia, Chile.