Franco Banfi

Franco Banfi & Sabrina Belloni


Franco and Sabrina started individually many years ago as recreational scuba divers, then improved to technical divers & CCR, and recently fell in love with free diving.

They live the liquid element at 360 degrees and beyond.

Franco is a professional, award-winning photographer who works worldwide, specialized in underwater and reportage imaging. Sabrina works as a senior executive assistant for the biggest Italian tourism company. A few years ago, they joined forces and combined their different experiences to organize micro groups of passionate divers, travelling and diving in more remote, secluded corners of fresh and salt water.

Franco is an Explorer with the Ambassadors programme of Canon Europe and is a member of Wild Wonders of Europe's team of photographers.

He uses a Canon 5D mkIII and 1Dx mkII and Seacam housings.

Mares equipment used: "Almost everything ... we are proud to use Mares products".