Damir Zurub 3

Damir Zurub


Damir was born in 1976 in Zagreb and is a typical Aries: always seeking new adventures and challenges. His underwater photography career started in 2011 with a small “Fuji” compact camera as a leisure scuba diving activity and became a passionate hobby.

So far, the highlight of his career was in May 2015 when he won the title of 15th CMAS World Championship in Underwater Photography as the best all-round photographer, winning gold, silver and bronze medals in 3 categories (close-up, close-up with theme and wide angle with model).

He currently works as an SSI diving instructor, educating, meeting new people and travelling the world while capturing amazing underwater moments.

His photos have been published in magazines, newspapers and websites all over the world like National Geographic, SCUBALIFE and Croatian Traveller.

As president of the diving club  “Roniti se mora” he has been involved in different diving projects, both ecological and humanitarian, raising funds through diving activities for children in need.

He is very proud of his latest project organized together with Mares and SSI for children without parental care: financing full education up to Dive Master Level, diving equipment and all costs for six of them, giving them the opportunity to continue their young lives as independent and successful people.

In 2013 he founded the “Underwater Photo Marathon” and have been its chief organizer and director since then.

He is a  fan of Nikon cameras and currently takes pics with the D810. His underwater housing is carbon fiber made by German manufacturer BsKinetics.

"In all my travels wonders never stop. I try to capture them all and show you our world."