Boaz Samorai

Boaz Samorai


Boaz Samorai is a full time underwater explorer and photographer based at Eilat, Israel, on the shores of the Red Sea.

Boaz is a PADI Course Director and technical diver, serving as a test diver for photography products and as a dive tour leader for the companies Wilddive and Dive and More, leading various dive expeditions around the world on a monthly basis.

Boaz started shooting underwater at the age of 15 for a school Biology assignment. He chose to talk about his favorite spot - the underwater world - which became his full passion and a way of life.

Living at Eilat, a beach city on the shores of the Red Sea, allows him to dive and teach underwater photography all year round, and leading dive expeditions puts him in the best dive spots around the world such as: Socorro - Mexico, Tubbataha Reef, Gardens of the Queen - Cuba, the Maldives, Palau, the Red Sea, Egypt, Malpelo Island - Colombia, the Bahamas, Cocos Islands and more.

Boaz is a conservation activist and leads a local educational program about the protection of marine life, recycling, and how to protect the sea from pollution and overfishing.

"My biggest passion is showing the connection between men, the ocean and its creatures that accept our presence and welcome us in to their habitat. I believe that we, the privileged people who get to visit the underwater world, have a mission to show the rest of the world the wonders that await below the surface, so we can appreciate, respect and protect this fragile environment."