Mares Ambassadors

Bjoern Dorstewitz


18.03.78 - 09.02.19

Bjoern was a passionate cave and mine diver, creating amazing atmospheres with light.

Although he discovered this passion quite late, he reached a professional level in a short period of time, spending hours and days diving.

After Bjoern started diving in freshwater lakes in 2003, he did his training in Full Cave, Trimix and CCR during the next few years.

During these years, his camera became a constant companion and his photography career proceeded as quickly as his dive career - something not only Mares recognized but also the media.

Bjoern’s work appeared in various magazines and TV shows, and for good reason! Using several strobes he was able to create an incredible atmosphere in overhead environments.

Rest in peace Bjoern - The worldwide Mares Team