Amos Nachoumer

Amos Nachoum


Amos is a wildlife photographer and explorer.

He began his career as a war photographer in his homeland of Israel.

For 35 years, Amos has pursued his photographic skills in a quest to dispel the myth of ‘dangerous wildlife’ and to show harmonious interactions between man and big animals. He is fearless about pioneering new ways to bring people to experience close and empowering encounters with sharks, polar bears, orcas, leopard seals, anacondas, blue whales, narwhales, Greenland sharks and Nile crocodiles. Amos aims to raise awareness about threatened and endangered species using his camera and expeditions, promoting their conservation for future generations.

Amos’ latest diving experience was safely photographing a mother polar bear and her two cubs underwater. This epic, peaceful encounter was documented in a movie about his stellar career as a photographer…living on the edge of wilderness, comfort and commonsense…12 people have landed on the moon, only five people have gone diving with Polar bears.

Amos is also a professional, award-winning photographer who has won awards with Nikon, the American Photographer of the Year award and twice won the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for the ‘animal behavior’ category. His photographs and essays have appeared in numerous publications including National Geographic, Time, Life, The New York Times and countless dive magazines.

He uses a Nikon D5 and Seacam housings.

Amos is a man driven to exceed limits.

He is proud to represent Mares and to depend upon their products in extreme environments.