Freedivers Samo Jeranko

Samo Jeranko



Samo has been a passionate swimmer and freediver from an early age. Soon after he stopped competitive swimming, freediving became not only his number one activity, but also a way of life.


Since 2008, Samo has set a world record in 16 x 50m speed apnea, won a silver and bronze medal at the AIDA depth and pool World Championships with a dive to 108m and an 8min 8s breathold and set 15 Slovenian national records.


Besides being a professional athlete, Samo has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others. He has been teaching freediving since 2010, and in 2017 he joined SSI’s educational system.

Depth adaptation, advanced equalization techniques and pool training techniques are his specialties.


Samo is also an underwater photographer and he has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.


His favourite Mares products are the X-Free mask, Horizon 10 wetsuit and Freediving Buoy.


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