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Gianluca Genoni


During his career, Gianluca Genoni has set 18 world records in various freediving disciplines.

He first discovered freediving in 1990 and set his first record diving down to -106m in limited variable ballast diving on August 17th, 1996 in Siracusa- home to the historic freediving records of Enzo Maiorca. He then surpassed his own record a good 10 times, becoming the undisputed king of the discipline. He set his latest world record in the waters of Sharm El Sheikh on October 5th, 2006, descending to -141m.

Gianluca is not only an expert in limited variable ballast diving, but has also set two records in absolute variable ballast where in 1998 in Sardinia he reached -135m and in 1999 he conquered -138m.

Last but not least, on September 29th, 2010, in the waters off the coast of Rapallo (Genoa), Genoni tackled a brand new diving discipline, descending to a depth of -160 meters with the help of a dive scooter, thereby setting a new record.

In his book “Emozioni... profonde” (“Deep... emotions”), he recounts his sporting achievements through a reflective look at his life.

This profound passion has led Gianluca to teach, create his own curriculum, and to help spread the safe practice of freediving through courses and internships around the world.

Since 2002 Gianluca has taken part in medical and scientific tests and studies into freediving, and especially regarding the physiological study of vital parameters after a prolonged period of apnea.

Gianluca Genoni has been a Mares testimonial since 1996 and an incredibly important figure for consulting, testing and developing equipment dedicated to freediving at the highest levels. He is also currently Freediving International Training Director for Scuba Schools International.


    • 2006
    • freediving
      5th October Sharm El Sheikh -141 metres
    • 2004
    • freediving
      2 October Chiavari – Genoa -133 meters
    • 2002
    • freediving
      29 September Moneglia - Genoa -132 meters
    • 2001
    • freediving
      22 September Rapallo - Genoa -126 meters.
    • 2000
    • freediving
      12 October P. Ottiolu - Sardinia -125 meters.
    • 2000
    • freediving
      8 October P. Ottiolu - Sardinia -123 meters.
    • 1999
    • freediving
      30 September P. Ottiolu - Sardinia -122 meters.
    • 1998
    • freediving
      2 October P. Ottiolu - Sardinia -121 meters.
    • 1997
    • freediving
      October Arbatax - Sardinia -120 meters.

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