Freedivers Christian Redl

Christian Redl


At 6 years old he started to snorkel, at 10 to scuba dive, and at 17 he saw the movie "The Big Blue" and started freediving.

At the beginning he was working for a bank (treasury) but at 30 decided to become a professional freediver.

Career: 10 years scubadiving, 17 years freediving, a freediving instructor (SSI, PADI, Apnea Academy, CMAS) since 1999 with more than 5,000 students having completed his courses.

From 1998 to 2002 a competitive athlete with his first World Record in 2003, having now obtained 10.

Results - 10 World Records: 6 under ice (distance and deep), 3 in caves (distance and deep) and high altitude (lake at 5.160m)

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