Eleanor Stewart

  • NATIONALITY: United Kingdom


Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Stewart, Extended Range Trimix Instructor, Normoxic Diver and Red Sea Technical Dive Guide.

For Ellie, diving was a pastime that it had never crossed her mind to try, essentially because like most, she deemed it inaccessible and certainly not for English waters. However, after qualifying at the age of 15, she fell quickly and irreversibly in love with UK diving.

At 18, she became a Dive Professional, and soon after realised she had a curiosity for the redundancy and self-reliance of the twinset configuration and the intricate physics and physiology behind technical diving. This is what drove her to pursue her technical instructorship. Ellie has spent the last two years investing all of her undivided attention in to building up her experience as a recreational instructor and technical diver. At 19 she became the youngest person to ever qualify as an SSI Extended Range Trimix Instructor.

In April 2019, Ellie accepted the position as Technical Instructor and Dive Guide for the Egypt Fleet of worldwide liveaboard company BlueOtwo Dive Travel. She continues to lead sub-40m excursions across the historically rich and fascinating wrecks of the Red Sea.

Ellie wishes to eventually pursue a career in underwater film making. She wants to utilise her technical diving knowledge and skills to explore and document new environments. She believes the planet relies on underwater videographers to share this extraordinary territory with the rest of the world. She wishes to inspire others, to raise awareness and educate people about these unchartered phenomena, whilst also promoting excellence in scuba education and discipline.