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Discover the perfect Spearfishing equipment: especially developed products that will allow you to explore marine life in its natural habitat in the most efficient way.
Spearfishing is a very special water sport, in which the diver holds their breath, camouflaged with the surrounding environment, in order to catch prey very quickly, directly underwater.
In addition to the use of the right technique and thanks to special preparation and a knowledge of marine species, the professional diver must use the appropriate equipment to be able to reach their target.
Our innovative Spearfishing equipment won’t make you return empty-handed: computers, professional and comfortable spearfishing wetsuits, diving fins, masks and snorkels, spear guns and many other accessories.
Mares’ spear guns, thanks to their specifications, offer high precision, power and reliability to achieve their goal. The perfect tools for making your catch.  
Thanks to Mares #justaddwater and its Spearfishing equipment you can make Spearfishing at highest performance possible, without damaging the marine environment and becoming one with the surrounding environment.

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