Christmas Calendar Winners List

Our Christmas Calendar Competition is underway! Enter using the competition app found on our Facebook page.

Our winners list will be updated daily below:

Good luck!

1st December - Andre De Zwaan won the 10l Dry Bag

2nd December - Anja van Weelde won the Boa Safety Stop

3rd December - Thais Carrion won the Mares Hoody

4th December - Paolo Daglia won the Flexa Touch

5th December - Colton Schroeder won the Ero Dry

6th December - Dee Viruet won the One Vision  

7th December - Saskia Schekkerman won the Strobe Beam

8th December - Alexandre Radtke won the Cruise X-Strap

9th December - David Weil - won the Thermo Guard

10th December - Phil Jones - won the X-Vision Ultra 

11th December - Sandra Boolman - won the Cruise Journey

12th December - Martin Lenhart - won the Reef

13th December - Maria Di Mauro - won Avanti 4+

14th December - Rigo Michele - won Pioneer

15th December - Maria de Jong - won Cruise Backpack

16th December - Paolo Sperti won - X-Stream

17th December - Tanja Hilgeman-Bauwens won EOS 7RZ

18th December - Hans Lange won Smart

19th December - Angela Johnston - won Instinct 15x

20th December - Annalisa Zambito - Mission Digital Chrono

21th December - Andrea McBride - 2nd Shell

22th December -Guillermo Miranda -  Quad

23th December - Ade D Kurniawan -  Bolt

24th December - Lili Josipović - Icon HD



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