Seeking preventative coverage in everyday situations? Mares has the solution!

In a few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our lives and changed our priorities. At Mares we have also had to understand how to confront this situation, asking how we could use our experience to help?

A team recently developed a way of converting our full face snorkelling masks in to masks for use with CPAP ventilators thanks to a 3D printed attachment and a few small adjustments. 

With the hope of alleviating the strain on our healthcare system during this difficult time, we sent these masks to hospitals, and have since heard that they have been used successfully in the treatment of those suffering with respiratory problems.

As well as masks for use with CPAP ventilators, we realised there was also great potential and request for this easy-to-use mask to be used as a barrier in a range of scenarios and environments; from those working on the front line in medical professions and in roles requiring close contact with the general public, to those seeking an alternative device for daily personal use


Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, several of which are known to cause a range of respiratory issues in humans. The most recently discovered is COVID-19, which can be passed from person to person through small droplets. By touching objects or surfaces on which these droplets have landed, then touching the eyes, nose or mouth, or by breathing in the droplets from a person with COVID-19 who coughs or exhales them, people can catch this virus.


This is where the Sea Vu Care comes in. Providing full facial coverage, the eyes, nose and mouth are left unexposed. With some small adaptations, and the addition of medical filters, we hope it will allow the user to limit transmission and operate their role in greater safety.

Why did we choose the Sea Vu Dry?

For us, the Sea Vu Dry + model was the perfect mask to adapt. This generation 2.0 full face mask is focused on achieving the lowest level of CO2 build up possible compared to competitor models thanks to its special air flow system, whilst providing visual and technical innovations of the highest quality.

Includes an ergonomic frame, a soft, hypoallergenic silicone skirt, a large, flat lens which reduces optical distortion and does not fog thanks to its special gas-clearing system and an easy-adjust strap for a perfect, comfortable fit.


With a few simple changes, the Sea Vu Dry + can be converted as a barrier for daily use, in your studio, office, shop, and turned back in to a snorkelling mask when required.

A specially developed Mares adaptor includes a central upwards-pointing inhalation channel, and a side exhalation channel.

This mask can be used in two configurations: with one filter placed on the inhalation channel or with two filters attached, one per channel. The configuration with one filter has been designed for those who know they do not have a virus and want to avoid inhaling foreign bacteria or viruses. The configuration with two filters is more all-encompassing, filtering both inhaled and exhaled air.

The filters provided for use with this system are certified medical filters which last 24 hours after first use. Their filtering efficiency is 99,9999% for bacteria and 99,999% for viruses.

For added ease, the mask can be cleaned and sterilised at home after every use. 

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