Diving Scuba Ranger

For 2019, Mares is excited to announce the new ‘Scuba Ranger’ line - helping children to discover the wonderful world of diving by offering a range of products designed especially for them!
The dedicated line includes a highly compact BCD, designed to provide optimal comfort and stability, and a unisex, 2-piece wetsuit that offers maximum thermal protection and is easy to don and doff - all in a cool black and lime design.
Add to these the dedicated Comet monolens mask, comfortable Pluto snorkel and a range of Rash Guards.

a complete range of products

Mares hopes to make young divers first steps into the underwater environment as fun as possible. We are proud to accompany them on their momentous journey towards becoming fully-fledged Scuba Rangers, discovering the wonders of the underwater world and learning a respect and love for this magical environment that will last a lifetime.

Scuba Diving Course by SSI

The SSI Scuba Rangers Program is a club that offers numerous diving activities for children ages 8 - 12.


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