The Avanti HC and Avanti HC Pro fins are the culmination of Mares’ revolutionary fin technology!

Our latest fins offer excellent comfort, superior performance and exceptional resistance!

The channel effect of the Avanti HC and Avanti HC Pro is elevated thanks to a new blade structure.

During the kick cycle, the blade bends in a “spoon-like” shape that creates greater thrust with less effort.
The unique blade design also features central ribbing on the back, and the OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) is fully utilized, contributing to the optimal deformation of the blade during a kick.
In the Avanti HC Pro model, the central ribbing and the upper part of the blade are overmolded with a special rubber, which fills in the spaces between the “teeth” in the ribbing. In addition to giving it a unique look, it also helps gather energy during the downwards swoop, which is then returned in the upwards swoop, resulting in an even better performing fin.
The comfortable foot pocket includes a very significant innovation: the side ribs have rubber inserts, making them softer, offering undeniably superior comfort.
Years of Mares fin technology have led to this moment – check out the Avanti HC and Avanti HC Pro today!


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