Mares boasts the technology of one of only two existing ANSTI machines in Europe which can test down to 200m!

The ANSTI machine is used to measure our regulator performance, simulating the breathing conditions of a diver underwater, factoring in diving depth, breathing rate, inhale and exhale forces and characteristics such as cracking effort.

Ansti Machine


State-of-the-art technology allows Mares to stay at the forefront – increasing diving enjoyment through superior technology and advanced performance.
Our ANSTI testing machine can reach and test at an unprecedented 200m of depth; twice the depth of most machines used by competitors, allowing us to test our regulators under conditions that are unthinkable for others. Clearly, a diver doesn’t push himself to these depths breathing air, but being able to test at these depths teaches us a great deal about how our regulators function at the limit.
What’s more, our machine is fitted so that it can be supplied with gas from cylinders, and this enables us to certify our regulators at 200m using the right mix for this depth, which is Heliox 3/97, as defined by Norwegian norm NORSOK U-101.
first stage Mares
Mares first Stage 82x


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