New Mares Ambassadors

Here at Mares we are very proud and excited to announce 3 new ambassadors - Freedivers Samo Jeranko and Lidija Lijić Vulić and photographer Robert Wilpernig!

Samo has been a passionate freediver from a young age, a passion which has led him to setting a World Record in 16 x 50m speed apnea and 15 Slovenian national records amongst many other achievements. See Samo’s profile here.

Lidija fell in love with freediving after completing a scuba diving course, and since 2007 has been a member of the Croatian national team setting set 4 world records and many awards in her career. See Lidija’s profile here.

Both Samo and Lidija are also freediving instructors, helping to introduce others to their magical underwater world.

Robert has loved diving since 1992, moving professionally into underwater photography in 1995. This move proved very successful as he has won awards for his photography throughout the world and his work has been shared in numerous publications. See Robert’s profile here.

It’s great to have you all with us, and we look forward to continuing your journey with Mares!