Jérôme Novat 3

Jérôme Novat



Jérôme discovered diving at the age of 30 on a trip to Guadeloupe where he felt completely at ease straight away. He then naturally spent the next summer obtaining his level 1 certification. Following this he signed up to continue his dive training and learn more about the discipline.

After passing his MF1 (French diving certification ‘Monitorat fédéral 1er degree’).  Just after having obtained his MF1, he was given the opportunity to dedicate himself solely to his dive passion, making it his profession. He passed dive seasons in dive centers both in France and abroad, allowing him to acquire solid experience in all kinds of underwater conditions.

The evolution of dive gear and his taste for new technologies led him to TEC and rebreather diving. He is very attached to his rebreather which has been constantly evolving over the years.

Now he can’t wait to discover TEC diving even further with the Mares XR range and rEvo rebreathers.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Since 2003 in the Mediterranean as well as many seasons in French Polynesia

Assistant Underwater Cameraman

Movies filmed in France and overseas

Technical Diver

Hypoxic Trimix (since 2010)

rEvo rebreather (since 2010)

Surface-supplied diving class II –B (since 2012)