Pascal Bernabé 3

Pascal Bernabé


Above all an explorer, it all started for Pascal Bernabé around 20 years ago, exploring hidden French caverns. All the conditions were good: good cave technique, futuristic dive suits, rebreathers, gas mixes made with helium to go deeper, underwater scooters to go further, decompression chambers…he explored many kilometers of undiscovered tunnels between -70m and -250m deep.

To expand new horizons and become even more versatile he explored deeper wrecks, was part of the safety and filming team of freedivers Pippin and Audrey Ferreras down to -170m and participated in film shooting: in the Bahamas he worked with Imax for ‘Oceanmen’ then in Mexico with James Cameron.

He became a consultant and trainer for cave and technical diving (deep, mixes, rebreather, underwater scooter) around the world.

From 2005 to 2014 he held the World Record for depth scuba diving at -330m which he set on the 5th July 2005 in Propriano, Corsica.

A rescue diver, he has also been called upon to help in rescue situations like the case of another rescue diver who was himself trapped in a resurgence in the Jura Mountains, or in the case of an exploration robot stick at -174m in the Spring of Vaucluse.

With François Brun he has co-written the ‘Guide de la plongée tek’ (Guide to Tek Diving) as well as numerous articles for both French and international magazines.

He has participated in the development of new dive tables and gases for use in deep diving.