Michèle-Cerise Soors

  • NATIONALITY: Belgium


Michèle-Cerise is an SSI XR Trimix Diver and Technical Sidemount Diving specialist.

All technical aspects of diving have always been a point of interest for her, and in two years she became a Trimix Diver and Divemaster and is on her way to becoming an instructor.

In 2019, she participated in the expedition led by Jérémy Ransy, another XR ambassador, to explore the unknown waters of two major lakes which had never been dived before in Chechnya. She became the first female diver to explore these lakes.

Michèle-Cerise wishes to raise awareness of the fact that technical diving is accessible to everyone, especially women. That this side of diving can be fun, even if technical diving has more restrictions than recreational diving regarding preparation and diving deco stops. She wants to see more women in technical diving.