Jérémy Ransy


Jérémy Ransy is an SSI XR Instructor Trainer and owns his own diving center in Belgium.

He started diving in 2009 and opened his dive center in 2013. He has certified divers and diving instructors in Belgium.

He has also explored most of the top diving sites around the world. His love for travelling and adventure have lead him to organize trips to special destinations such as Djibouti and Antarctica in addition to three or more dive trips per year for members of his diving club to places such as the Maldives, Sardinia, Malta, Egypt, the Bahamas, Italy, Spain…

In 2019, he directed an expedition to explore unknown waters in Chechnya. Two major lakes were then explored with his team of 4 support divers.

In addition to his diving abilities, he also loves photography and is specialized in underwater photography, essentially taking pictures of divers.