Ambassadors Emmanuel DUGRENOT

Emmanuel Dugrenot



Following a degree in biomedical sciences, Emmanuel also completed a Masters in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and is currently studying Physiology. He also interrupted his studies in order to pass his BEES level 1 and UC4 DEJEPS in diving at CREPS, Montpellier.

Whilst training, he met Joël Gallien (then President of IANTD France and owner of Azur Plongée), with whom he had the chance to work, allowing him to specialize in diving Trimix and Rebreather closed circuit (CCR), becoming an Instructor and Instructor Trainer, IANTD, and CRR rEvo Instructor.

Through this experience Emmanuel crossed paths with Dr. Bernard Gardette, with whom he collaborated to adapt the COMEX experience, from protocols to modern dive computers (Bühlmann to Gradient Factors), using it as a starting point to develop new models of decompression with the help of Dr. Alexis Blasselle, a mathematician specializing in modeling physical and biophysical systems.

His thesis focuses on the "Determinants of resistance to the accident of decompression in one mouse strain selected in hyperbaric conditions" and it is headed by Professor François Guerrero (Physiologist) and Dr. Anthony Guernec (Molecular Biologist), in the ORPHY laboratory of the University of Western Brittany.

Although his thesis takes up a lot of time, he does not stop training or diving, and became a MARES Ambassador for the XR range in January 2017!

In addition, although diving mainly in the Brest region, trying to get in the water as often as possible, especially in the Var, in Italy, underground or any place his fins take him, he continues to plan and prepare dives (not necessarily deep) which he intends to do after completing his thesis!