cruise rool

Minor mistakes can happen, even when you’ve been creating products for over 70 years, and unfortunately, due to a slight mix-up in Mares production, our popular Cruise Pool has temporarily become the ‘Cruise Rool’!

Too many fully functional yet flawed products go to waste for the smallest issue, but rather than start re-production, we’d like to see the positive side – it’s an opportunity to grab yourself what is, essentially, a Mares Cruise Pool bag at an incredibly reduced price; it’s really just the name that changes!


You still have the same sturdy, lightweight (only 0.7kg) bag ideal for transporting up to 50l of equipment.


Measuring 69 x 26 x 29cm, this bag can be carried as a standard shoulder bag or a backpack and is made up of one spacious main compartment and one smaller external pocket for personal items.