Harald Slauschek

Harald Slauschek


Harald Slauschek, born in 1966 in Vienna, is a highly distinguished, cutting-edge underwater photographer. He turned his passion into a career 25 years ago and now boasts a treasure trove of experience.

He has established his reputation as one of the leading international underwater photographers and enjoys the acknowledgement of his international peers.

Scuba Dive OCEAN PLANET ranks him among “122 inspiring shooters you should know” in its December 2015 special edition "Passion meets profession - the perfect blend of creativity, intuition and experience".

Harald Slauschek publishes his works both in national and international media, including many leading dive and travel magazines. His pictures are also in great demand for books and calendars.

The advertising industry loves his unique visual language and his professional expertise. Harald offers a broad variety of underwater photography to his customers and excels both at editorials, nature & travel photography, people photography and baby shootings. He is a one-stop shop for clients seeking comprehensive service.


Harald has competed in various prestigious contests on an international scale and his countless awards and prizes speak for themselves. For details see here.

He is a member of the Austrian underwater photography national team and has been appointed a member of the “Hall of Fame” of the TSVÖ (Austrian diving sports association).

Harald Slauschek’s approach to photography is one of life experience and passion. He considers the art of perception the most important aspect of photography.

Technical Equipment

It hardly needs mentioning that Harald only uses state-of-the-art camera and lighting equipment. He relies on products by Nikon, SUBAL, Subtronic, Reikle, Multiblitz, Manfrotto, Berlebach, Sunbounce, LEE Filters, Novoflex, SIGMA, Lensbaby and others.

He is a brand ambassador and also tests equipment on behalf of various companies and manufacturers. When it comes to snorkelling and diving, Harald enjoys the support of the global leader MARES and has come to rely on the brand’s competency.


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