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Shark Academy


Riccardo Sturla Avogadri was born into a noble family with a long history of risky endeavors, and more recently, extreme sports.

In 1983 at just 13 years old, he went diving with Grey sharks in Polynesia.

His passion for diving and his great love for sharks led him to undertake some fascinating research into the field of animal relaxation techniques. By using a unique touch on the snout, he can lull many different species of sharks to sleep (which he has patented under the technical name of “relax immobility”).

The founder of Shark Academy in 2002 - a non-profit association with a purpose to better understand the underwater world, sharks, their habitat, and how to protect the environment in which they live - currently boasts a huge number of fans and supporters.

In 2007 in Jesolo Lido, Italy, he founded the Shark Academy research center and museum, with 25,000 pieces in its collection, including a 6-meter “White shark”, and the “Megalodon” jaw created by 3-time Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi. The aquarium also boasts large tanks in which visitors can dive unprotected with 40 sharks belonging to 20 different species including a Tiger shark, the Zambesi or Bull shark, Hammerheads, and Whitetip sharks.

In the summer of 2014, he returned to Freeport (Island in the Grand Bahamas) to open the Shark Academy S.R.L. research center with Scubasur Viva Bahamas diving center, collaborating with Mares at Viva Wyndham Resorts. Three times a week he takes groups diving with Grey sharks and Tiger sharks.

Mares has always been by his side in all of his undertakings.

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