Underwater Target Shooting Competition Season

The Underwater Target Shooting competition season has gotten off to a flying start for the athletes of the Mares Pure Instinct Team!  

 <br />On the 22/01/17 the XX° Trofeo Ocean Sub Modena competition took place, national selections for Underwater Target Shooting, where our athletes took podium places in 3 out of 4 disciplines. 

 <br />Roberto Singia (Italian I° category Biathlon Champion) took a great 3rd place in Precision Shooting (4m distance) using the Viper Pro 110.  

 <br />Stefano Oggioni (European Biathlon Champion) took 3rd place in the Biathlon (4m distance) and victory in the Superbiathlon (4m distance) using the Cyrano Evo HF 110.  

 <br />A great start to the season which confirms the incredible versatility and quality of the spearguns used, in disciplines which require very different characteristics.