Sea Vu Dry + masks converted for CPAP ventilator use during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic means we are currently living in challenging times including the challenges faced daily by our medical services. With this in mind, the team at Mares, together with Novamacut in Bologna and Mira Meccanica, explored the idea of patients being ventilated in emergencies using an adapted full-face snorkelling mask.

Sergio Angelini and Valerio Palmieri of Mares began studying a way of using these masks in therapy to treat those affected by Covid-19. Following further development of the idea, a dedicated team have been working to transform the Sea Vu Dry + mask in to a mask which can be used with CPAP ventilators with the help of 3D printing (thanks to Nuovamacut for the free printing as well as Dr Renato Favero, ex-Head Physician of Gardone Valtrompia hospital in Brescia and Isinnova who sparked the idea) and with some additional modifications to the original mask itself.

So far, masks have been provided to hospitals in Genoa, Parma, La Spezia, Lavagna and Savona in Italy, with plans to reach more soon.

The mask is also being developed for use as a personal protection, with the paramedics of Santa Margherita Ligure being among the first to test this model and give us feedback whilst awaiting certification.

Thanks to the dedication and teamwork of everyone involved, and to the staff who are working daily to get these masks made, as well as Bartolini shipping who are picking up parts from all over Italy and getting them to us.

To the worldwide Mares Team - stay safe and healthy.

If you work in the medical field or in a hospital and would like more information, please contact Sergio Angelini at s.angelini@mares.com


Sea Vu Dry +