Dive Insurance

Diving is a very safe sport when conducted responsibly. However, diving accidents do happen, so you should be covered, whether diving in your country or abroad.


The cost of medical evacuation, hyperbaric treatments and medical repatriation can be substantial.

In case of an accident, you want to receive the best medical treatment and supervision, by experts in diving medicine.

These services are usually not covered by your regular medical or health insurance provider.

Our Recommendation!

Both short-term and annual coverage options are available through our partner DiveAssure.

All membership plans include direct payment to service providers, primary coverage, no depth limit and much more.

Dive assure


When on a holiday or trip abroad, you want to have professionals you can rely on,

especially in the most remote destinations.

Choose a travel policy with both diving and travel protection that includes:

Flights, baggage, diving gear

Cancellation, interruption and lost diving days due to bad weather or medical inability to dive

Direct payment to service providers

No depth limits or mixed gas restrictions, scuba and freediving

Emergency support in your language (medical and non medical)

Unique benefits for liveaboard trips if going on a liveaboard vacation

Make an educated decision

Our partners at DiveAssure offer specialized travel insurance for divers,

for a single trip or a whole year.

Please note: DiveAssure is a separate entity. Mares recommends DiveAssure but does not directly sell insurance.