November 8th, 2013

PREMIUM DC 2013, "Monte Mare" - Germany

Keep in touch in the next days we will insert other questions in order to know this amazing DC.

What is the strongest argument for your DC to convince me as customer to dive at your DC?

: In monte mare Rheinbach everything can be found in one place, no matter you are a single, couple family, dive club or a dive student. Whether you are looking for a relaxed dive, delicious food, a massage for relaxation or action in the leisure and adventure swimming pools.
monte mare Rheinbach offers the all-around-package for everyone and we are looking forward to welcome you soon......

Question 9: What else can be done/seen at your place? Are there other sport/culture activities to see/attend and could I come with family and/or kids?

In our leisure and adventure swimming pools lots of fun can be experienced in the wave pool and the giant slides, athlets train in the 25 metres swimming lines indoor or in the 50 metres lines in the outdoor-swimming pool.
In total a number of 13 sauna and inhalation bathes are existing. The therapies of massage and wellness are colourful. Special events as MARES Equipment Test Weekends, Underwater Exhibitions and Underwater Wedding Ceremonies round up the great variety.

Question 8: What is the best time to come to go diving at your place?

Our diving operation is running all year round, 7 days a week with daily opening hours from 10 am to 10 pm.
Certified divers are planing themselves how long and how many dives they like to do. Non-diving companions are welcome to splash into one of the several swimming pools and/or discover the beautiful sauna and wellness landscapes.
Families do experience a wonderful, varied day, where no one's interests are missing.
"Leisure from the usual day-by-day is our motto".

Question 7: What kind of breathing gas is used on your DC and what is available as safety/back-up infrastructure at your DC or nearby?

Our Dive Center owns 120 air tanks. As safety infrastructure we use two portable pure oxygen kits as first aid for any decompression abnormalities, as well first aid suitcases with all necesssary equipment for standard injuries.
For the gas analyses during the "Enriched Air/Nitrox" Speciality Course, we provide enriched air tanks.
The dive youngsters may choose between 5 and/or 7 litre small air tanks.

Question 6: How does your staff looks like? Are there Instructors that speak different languages? Can they deal also with kids or disabled persons? Can I do some training specialities during my dives?

In the dive school only professional PADI Instructors can be found. We offer several speciality courses such as "Underwater Propulsion Vehicle, Full-Face Mask, Digital Underwater Photography, Rebreather, Enriched Air/Nitrox, Equipment, Peak Performance Buoyancy"...
Parts of our professional Dive Instructors are speaking English, French and Italian.
Diving programs for kids such as Bubblemaker, Seal Team, Junior Club and "The Diving Classroom" are a fixed part in our great variety of course components.
Wheelchair users find optimal logistical conditions.

Question 5: How does your DC look like and how many equipment sets do you have? Do I need to bring my own equipment or can I rent equipment at the DC?

The Indoor-Dive Center is located directly behind the main entrance on the left-hand side. The outlet of the dive shop offers MARES dive equipment for sale, as well as for test dives. We are offering 70 sets of MARES rental gear for indoor and outdoor dives.
Tanks, Soft-Weights and Non-Limit-Tank-Fillings are included in all our entrance fees. For more comfort and convenience most of our customers bring their own personal dive gear along with them.

Question 4: What kind of boats, cars or other kind of transportation do you use to get divers to the dive sites?

transport our guests and equipment to the lake we own a van combined with a hanger for the tanks.
For our inhouse guests the way from the changing room to the indoor pool is just 20 metres away. Our Indoor-Dive Center is designed for a perfect logistic with short ways. Handicapped divers may use the elevator to arrive easily at the pool.

Question 3: Which dive sites you go to and how are the dives there?

Most parts of our diving courses we are able to conduct in our indoor diving pool. Due to the depth of 10 metres and comfortable warm water, our pool offers perfect conditions for the beginner education, equipment checks and tests and safety excercises.
We are able to review and practice skills in detail with our students, which is an absolute advantage against the normal swimming pool row.
For the final open sea dives, we travel by our own van preferable to the "Hitdorfer See" or the "Blausteinsee".. Lots of interesting marine life can be seen there.

Question 2: How I can get to your DC and are there special things to organize like Visa or permissions to dive at your place?

Most of our guests arrive by car, some other, however, by train. Parking lots for cars, as well as for caravans are located directly in front of the main entrance. This advantage for the caravans is used with pleasure by our Dutch guests.
Our cooperation Hotel "Hotel Nord" is just a 3 minutes car ride far away.
All our diving guests are advised to make a prereservation by mail or phone call before their visit. The prerequisites for certified divers are proof of their diving license and a valid medical certificate.
For groups sized 10 or more divers we offer special entrance fees.

Question 1: Where is your Dive Center located and what is so Special about it?

Rheinbach is a small town in the region of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. The closest major cities include Bonn, Cologne, Aachen and Koblenz.
monte mare Indoor-Dive Center is an unique tropical combination between indoor diving, hopping into one of the several swimming pools, relaxation in sauna and wellness areas, topped with gastronomical highlights.
Our indoor diving pool is 10 metres deep and encloses 2 million litres of fresh, clear and 28 degrees warm water. Decorated is our pool with a small wreck, vertical and horizontal tubes to dive through, a small grotto and fizzy underwater volcanoes.