September 13th, 2013

PREMIUM DC 2013, "Scubaduba" - Puerto Madryn, Patagonia, Argentina

Keep in touch in the next days we will insert other questions in order to know this amazing DC.

Question 10: What is the strongest argument for the DC to convince a client to dive in DC?

We are known for providing excellent service , attention to detail . We have brand new equipment , from wetsuits to the Mares BCD 's and regulators . We also perform ongoing maintenance and comprehensive of these , as well as ongoing staff training .
Our goal is for the customer to take the best diving experience , maximizing our quality of care.

Question 9: What more can you do / see in your home. Are there other sports / culture to see / could attend and come with family and / or children?

Besides being the capital of diving , you can perform other activities such as whale watching , dolphins , horseback Magellanic penguin colonies , waterfowl such as Kayak , Kitesurf and Windsurf . You can also take a ride aboard the catamaran sailing Australe Regina . There are performance spaces as the EcoCenter , which performs an interactive show for families to enjoy . And 100 km , is the Valdes peninsula , which is home to colonies of elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) , do bird watching, visiting tourist stays , and in the months of May to November can be performed in Puerto Piramides the Whale whale .

Question 8: What is the best time to come to dive in place?

All year , high season is during the summer months (November to February). To dive with sea lions throughout the year is May to October being the months of greater interaction . The encounter with whales is more feasible during the months June, July , August and September.

Question 7: What kind of breathing gas used in DC and what is available on the safety / back- up infrastructure in or near DC?

We provide air fills , gas mixtures Ean 32 and 36 . The boats have DAN Rescue Pack with bottle 100% oxygen and first aid kit you . All staff have training in First Aid DAN and EFR .

Question 6: How does your staff look like ? Are there instructors who speak different languages ? Can also deal with children or people with disabilities ? I can do some training specialties during my dives?

Our staff is trained to provide the best service. All speak English , two instructors with training for disadvantaged persons IAHD enabled and have facilities (bathrooms and boats) equipped for people with disabilities. We are PADI , SSI , DAN and IAHD enabled instructors teach courses and specializations , depending on the interests of the divers.

Question 5: How do you look at your DC and how many equipment sets do you have? Do I have to bring my own equipment or I can rent equipment in the DC?

Scuba Duba has 40 double 7mm wetsuits , BCD vests 20 , 20 regulators and 40 tanks . Also 21 4mm wetsuits for snorkeling. We have a variety of sizes , for children ages 8 to size XXXL . Those with their own equipment have space in transport and to leave the premises while the dive.

Question 4: What type of ships, automobiles or other transportation you use to get divers dive sites?

We have two boats equipped for the activity. One of them has capacity for 8 people and the other for 12. Both have covered an area or space to leave belongings . We also have a truck, van for transfers divers from beaches. Within our service is including snack, serving cold drinks (water , juice ) and hot ( matte chocolate ) plus solid snack like crackers or cereal bars, to recuperate.

Question 3: What dive sites to go and what the dives there?

There are a variety of natural and artificial reefs and shallow and deep wrecks, to which can be reached by boat. All are located within the Golfo Nuevo and navigation are 10 to 30 minutes, depending on weather conditions. The depths ranging from 5-30 meters. Departures are usually in the morning, because the weather conditions are more favorable at that time of day. The reservation of services must be made one day in advance.
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Question 2: How do I can get into DC and is there anything special to organize as Visa or permits to dive in place?

The city can be reached by land, by National Route No. 3, which connects Buenos Aires . We also have National Airport in the peripheral area of the city and International Airport , located 60km . It has economic transfers .
To dive only need the certification or who is not eager to learn !
To Argentina Visas enter in
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Question 1: Where is your dive center located and what is so special?

The DC is located in Puerto Madryn , Patagonia Argentina , on the Atlantic Ocean . Our town is considered the National Diving Capital.
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