July 5th, 2013

PREMIUM DC 2013, "Abyss" - RAPALLO

Premium DC 2013 continue with Diving Center "Abyss".
Keep in touch in the next days we will insert other questions in order to know this amazing DC.

Question10: What is the strongest argument for your DC to convince me as a customer to dive at your DC?

We expect a response from our customers, because we work hard to make your experience unforgettable .. ;)

Question9: What else can you do / see at your place. There are other sports / culture to see / attend and I could come up with family and / or children?

Being located in a charming area you can visit wonderful places. San Fruttuoso is a village accessible only on foot or by sea, where its beach and its Abbey will remain in your hearts. Portofino is just 3 km away, offering restaurants, nightclubs, boutiques and ….opportunity to see some VIP’s. During the summer period Rapallo celebrates its patron saint with unforgettable fireworks. For those who want to move around, the famous “ Cinque Terre” are only about 40 km away offering amazing cliffs and trekking paths.

Question8: What is the best time to come to dive at your place?

You should come in the period from January to December since we are open all year round and each season has its own peculiarity. However, the best time would be from April to November. In this period, the water temperature ranges from 19 to 26 degrees, and visibility is always beautiful. From November to April technical divers will find more space for their long and challenging dives. In addition, we are always ready to tell you the weather and sea conditions, and , at no cost, you can decide to postpone your dive.

Question7:What kind of breathing gas is used on your DC and what is available as a safety / back-up infrastructure at your DC or nearby?

The park consists of 172 double capped tanks: 150 tanks are 12lt tanks, 10 are 12Lt tanks, 10 are 10lt tanks and 2 are 18lt tanks. These are all filled with AIR. In addition we have 30 tanks dedicated to NITROX 32% or 36%. Last not least we have 10 Double Tanks 12+12 and 2 double tanks 16+16 dedicated for technical diving which could be filled with whatever trimix combination. To complete the technical equipment we have 8 s80 for Nitrox 50% , 8 s40 tanks for pure oxygen and 12 s53(7lt) which can be filled with any gas. Each boat is equipped with oxygen cylinders and additional tanks for whatever situation. In addition, we are equipped with a pure oxygen station to help out until Emergency Assistance arrives. In case needed we have the hyperbaric chamber at 30km and it’s connected with the sea rescue 1530.

Question6: How does your staff look like? There are instructors who speak different languages? They can do well with children or people with disabilities? I can do some specialty training during my dives?

The three divisions of Abyss Diving captained by Giorgio and Raul, try to satisfy at 360 ° the needs of the customers in order to give everyone a chance to be satisfied. The multilingual staff (English, Italian, French and Dutch) consists of PADI instructors, providing their passion, professionalism and experience, making you discover all level of courses. They will follow you from the first fin kick to advanced courses, trough the different Specialties as Deep Diver , Enriched Air Diver and all other levels of the wide range of PADI Courses. They make you discover secrets and crannies of the promontory of Portofino and, at the evening, in order to make your day “ unforgettable “, a drink or a dinner close to the sea side.

Abyss Diving Division: to all those purchasing the Card at € 2, after 10 dives throughout the year we offer the 11th for free. We are also continuously increasing the conventions made with operators in the area, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops .... And for those who were not yet satisfied, we apply a percentage of discount to all those who want to subscribe to the various diving courses offered by Abyss. The formula "college" takes you from the first fin kick to become an instructor.

Abyss Tec Division: Giorgio and Edoardo, have developed internal programs, which allow, for those who want to enter the world of tech diving and for those who want to improve their technical expertise, to be constantly followed . “Intro Tec Abyss”, offers the opportunity for those who are not yet fully convinced, to enjoy a full immersion day: thinking, knowledge and technical training. “Intro-double tank”: it helps us to know the double tank diving in order to be ready to enter easily in the tech world. For those who want to "fly in the sea": Tec 40-45-50 in air and Trimix 65 and Trimix diver mixture, we have created programs called "Plus" that fit between one level and the next, for develop and enhance our training, with the personal assistance of a TEC Instructor. For all those which are already Tec certified , The Abyss Tec Division, organizes groups, for diving in various places in Italy.

Abyss Professional Division: in 2012, Raul has presented several candidates instructors, getting 100% of the result, all have become instructors and collaborate with various diving around the world. The formula "college" allows you to stay in a “ Staff-House”,being shoulder to shoulder with experienced instructors that will help you to go faster in the education system. This will also save costs for you since the service is included in the cost of your course. Now is the best time to invest in the PADI Courses ! Become a Padi instructor means to become professional, and therefore work; you can choose whether to face the road alone and the experience and the help Raul you can give will allow you to find easily an instructor position in the pool of your city. If you want to change yout life, his knowledge will allow you to find cooperation in a variety of diving in the world. In addition, his experience allows him to advise on the choice of instructor specialties , increasing your qualities and possibilities in teaching.

Question5: How does your DC look like and how many sets of equipment do you have? Should I bring my own equipment or I can rent equipment at the DC?

Abyss does include in the cost for a dive the following: tank, boat, entrance into the park and leads. Therefore we suggest our clients not to take the tank with them, except for technical diving where everyone personally configures his own equipment. Among the services, we also provide the rental of equipment, which is constantly being revised and verified before being used. Even on the rental regulators we change mouthpiece every time so that you always have a new one. We have 50 complete equipments: Bc Vests + regulators + fins and booties ... great variety of semi-dry wetsuits in all sizes from children to adults, including rugby players. In the winter period, our rental dry suits will allow even the most freezing divers to have fun. In addition, you will have the opportunity to test Mares products.

Question4: What kind of car, boat or other type of transport you use to get divers to the dive sites?

In order to guarantee the best service, Abyss hosts divers on Form M fiberglass boats that are fully closed in winter . In the cold period at the end of the dive we provide hot tea, while in summer cold tea. The fleet is composed of three identical boats that can accommodate 12 divers with ample space for dressing. The structure and the fleet allow to accommodate even large groups, since we dive with 40 divers each dive. The experience of the commanders and powerful engines provide quick and easy navigation, making us reach the most distant point in 25 minutes by boat.

Question3: What are the dive sites you go and how are diving there?

Abyss is authorized to dive in the protected Marine area of Portofino, a park started in 2000, which year after year is increasingly rich in fish, which creates movement on the beautiful walls rich of sea fans and red coral . The park has 22 dive sites each with particular characteristics; walls, wrecks and caves. Over the years it has become one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean, where in all dives you can play with curious groupers or dentex. In recent years, even barracudas, sunfishs and amberjacks are constantly present. From our Diving Center we reach the Punta del Faro, which is the first dive spot in 15 min; cruising forother 10 minutes we reach the “ Secca dell’Isuela” which is the most far spot . In addition, we have also for the most demanding technical diving the wrecks, which start at a depth of 50 meters (Kt, Genoa), up to 90/100 with the “Ischia and the U-Bot”. If we woke up interest in you, just a simple phone call or an e-mail to book your trip by boat in the chosen timetable. We are open all year round and we dive every day at the following times: Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon at 10.30 to 14.30. Instead weekends and public holidays: 09.00-11.00-13.30-15.30-17.30. In addition, for you to fully experience our area a guide will accompany you to know the secrets of our waters.

Question2: How do I get to your DC and there are special things to organize such as Visa or authorizations to dive at your place?

Abyss is easily reachable by plane or by car, or train. Being only 30 km from Genoa away, you can use the Cristoforo Colombo airport that houses almost all airlines. From the airport you can choose to rent a car or go to the train station and in 30 minutes you will reach the station of Rapallo. Abyss offers the service to come to the station and take you directly to the venue. Using the car take the A12 Genova / Livorno with exit Rapallo: the Diving Center is about 2 km away ,in Via A. Vespucci 2 c. For diving in Italy you need only your scuba certification and the desire to explore our beautiful waters.

Question1: Where is your Dive Center located and what is so special about it?

A few steps from the harbor of Rapallo, George and Raul have revolutionized Abyss, turning it into the most innovative Diving Center in the ligurian area. The project was born from the experience of years and from having lived side by side and talked with thousands of divers. In 2006 it was crowned "The best diving center" from the underwater portal Scubaportal. In 2007 it became a PADI "5 star instructor development center", being the only 5-star D.C in a 5 star location. Since 2008, the collaboration with MARES, made it possible to refine service and technology. In addition to all this, our bet is to be able to offer a service at top level in any aspects without impacting prices. You need only to unload the equipment in front of the diving and park in the free parking at the harbor. Our professional, friendly and always helpful staff at the Diving will explain you how to move. You will get changed having at your disposal a personal locker, where you will find a mesh bag for storing Mares diving equipment, which will be brought to the boarding place with our three “ Ape Piaggio” and then…..Ready to Go Diving .....with very comfortable covered boats, that quickly take you on the dive sites. After returning large tanks for rinsing and many convenient stander for drying equipment, 6 hot showers, drinks, music and many new experiences and emotions to share with us ... until the next dive.

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